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What does Olmo mean?

Olmo is Italian for “elm”. Our restaurant has deep roots in the New Haven community so we wanted to appropriately name it after the city’s nickname - The Elm CIty. New Haven received its name after the country’s first public tree-planting program in the late 1700s when elm trees were planted around the city green.

Are you an Italian Restaurant?

We are inspired by the culture of Italy and the reverence that it has for food. We do have freshly made pastas however we do not consider ourselves an Italian restaurant.

Why did Caseus close?

After 10+ years of business, Jason made the decision to take a step back from his first restaurant endeavor, pursue other projects, and devote more time with his wife and children.  Along with former Caseus chefs Alex and Craig and they are excited to see a new and innovative concept thrive in the same space while upholding the same core values of community, sustainability, and food made with love from quality sourced ingredients.  

Do you still have mac n cheese?  

Ask nicely and we can make you the secret recipe for at home catering or events.

Where is The Cheese Truck?

If you go to www.thecheesetruck.com you can find out where they are!

Do you sell cheese?

Yes! We do sell a curated list of cheeses full of amazing flavors, styles and stories. Check out our shop and ask for more information! We also offer cheese and charcuterie platters for catered events.

Do you still offer cheese classes?

If you’re interested in having a cheese class check out Compliments by Caseus, email sylvia@caseusnewhaven.com, where you can book an in home cheese and pairing class. We’re also working on creating a new schedule for teaching on Sunday nights - continue to check social media for updates.

Describe the menu at Olmo.

Olmo will be open from sun up to sun down. The menu changes through the day, starting with bagels and baked goods at our shop in the morning. For lunch you can find soup, salad, and sandwich combos in the grab ‘n go shop or in our dining room. Dinner draws inspiration from around the world by means of small plates, pastas, and shareable entrees for group dining.

Does Olmo have Vegan options?

Our menu is designed to be vegetarian and vegan friendly! Note all the dishes marked with a “v” for vegetarian options. Most all of these dishes can be made vegan by omitting one or two ingredients. We are able to do this as our kitchen makes each meal from scratch when you order it.

Do you have gluten free bagels?

We do not have gluten free bagels and we feel that we may not for quite some time. Our philosophy about bagels, breads, and pasta are that the quality of our product derives from the nature of the glutenous flour. All items with flour are homemade and therefore we must stand by our product proudly.

Do you offer any breakfasts that are gluten free?

Absolutely! There are baked goods that do not need gluten to be delicious. Muffins, scones, cookies, and Spanish tortas are items that can be baked with gluten free flour and be made in a separate part of the restaurant for no cross contamination.

Do you accept Caseus gift cards?

You betcha! Try not to bankrupt us in year 1  - we calculated there is over $50,000 of gift cards floating around New Haven.

What is the PBR experience?

We wanted to utilize every space of the restaurant for an efficient kitchen infrastructure - after 6:00, our pasta/bread room will not be used for any purpose. We thought, “How great would it be to eat at the table where the magic happens, a true Chef’s table experience.” Each night of the week has a different minimum to reserve the room for the night - however with a dedicated server, your own menu, and a unique space to host a party, it’s a steal of an experience.

Do I have to dine at the communal table?

We take reservations on every table for every time slot available except for our communal table. If you do not have a reservation, then the only seats we currently have available are the bar or the communal table. We ask that you trust us in creating an experience like no other restaurant and take a chance to eat with others who are having a wonderful meal!

Can I make a reservation for 7:30pm?

We take reservations in 6 time slots to create the best experience for every guest who dines with Olmo. They are 6:00pm, 6:15pm, 6:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:15pm, and 8:30pm. We do this to allow for the kitchen to focus on the timing and quality of every dish as well as our service not becoming clunky and overwhelmed. In other words - it’s to make your night even better!

Do you take lunch reservations?

We do! Our patio is not available for reservation, but with the new smaller size of our restaurant we encourage to make a reservation if you are dining in.

Do you do delivery?

We have a lot of “new” happening at Olmo. We are hoping to expand into delivery for lunch as soon as possible. Our sit down dinners will not be available for delivery, however our at home catering should be as soon as possible too.

Are you accepting reservations for Graduation weekend?

We will start accepting reservation requests at the start of the new year. Please inquire in 2019.

What time should I come in to try to get a table?

If you're unable or uninterested in making a reservation, we leave space available for walk-ins at our bar top and on our seasonal patio.  When not booked for a private party, we also have communal seating available in our pasta/bread room during dinner service. We open right at 6pm which is always a good time to come by and try to grab a spot.  Availability rotates throughout the night and we're always happy to grab you a drink or a snack while you wait!

Do you do take out?

Our shop offers grab-n-go options throughout the day for you to take home with you.  Bagels and breakfast goodies in the morning, salads and sandwiches during the day, and take-home family-style dinners in the evening.  Much of what is available on our dine-in menu is available through the shop and we are happy to create a catering order that fits your needs.  We do not accept take-out orders outside of what is available during shop hours or previously arranged catering options.